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Picture Number : E436/030
Title : Stages in human evolution
Caption :
Human evolution. Illustration showing stages in the evolution of humans. At
left, proconsul (23-15 million years ago) is depicted hypothetically as an
African ape with both primitive and advanced features. From it Australopithecus
afarensis (>4- 2.5 Myr BP) evolved and displayed a bipedal, upright gait walking
on two legs. Homo habilis (2.5 Myr BP) was truly human («homo») resembling
Australopithecus but also used stone tools. About 1.5 Myr BP Homo erectus (at
centre) appeared in Africa, used fire, wooden tools, and migrated from Africa
into Eurasia. Homo neanderthalensis (200,000 years BP) lived in Europe and
Middle East and was closely related to modern humans (right).

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